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Check out this video where Gayle Treend and her son Kyle were interviewed among others at eBay on Location in Chicago:

Check out this article about eBay on Location Chicago where Debra Shea was interviewed from our club:
Sellers and Tips Shared At Chicago’s eBay: On Location Event
From shipping wisdom to sales strategies, eBay sellers traded stories.

Top eBay sellers were in the spotlight at the company’s recent eBay: On Location event in Chicago, Illinois, July 9 and 10. The gathering included educational sessions for sellers, a welcome event for 500 attendees hosted by long-time employee and eBay Radio host Jim “Griff” Griffith, and demonstrations of successful eBay sales concepts.

Dinesh Lathi, Vice President of Buyer and Seller Experience at eBay, greeted the crowd at the welcome event and noted that some of the most successful sellers on eBay are located in the Chicago area. Many Top-Rated and long-time sellers attended the event, including:

* Elizabeth Bennett, whose AfricaDirect eBay business has successfully sold African art, ethnic jewelry, and trade beads for nearly 15 years;
* Lisa Soens, who sells Native American art on eBay via her business WingzofPower, featuring jewelry, pottery, and smudging herbs that she buys directly from Navajo artists on reservations in the Grand Canyon region;
* Rich and Nila Siok, a husband-and-wife team that has been running a business called AppealingSigns—offering custom signs and banners on eBay—for more than10 years;
* Debra Shea, who sells on eBay full time via TimelessTreasuresCollectibles, and contributes portions of her proceeds to more than 15 charities, including St. Jude’s Hospital.

“We sell all over the world, and about a third of our business is international,” said AfricaDirect’s Elizabeth Bennett. “eBay makes it possible for all of us to have good livings.”

Among the educational sessions at the event, the “Top-Rated Seller Secrets” panel provided behind-the-scenes information on how some of the best sellers on eBay operate, and the “Shipping Q&A” session detailed how to optimize shipping costs and procedures. Stay tuned this week for video interviews featuring many of the most successful sellers found at Chicago’s eBay: On Location event.


17 Responses to “Fox Valley eBay Sellers Club”

  1. Debra Shea Says:

    I am an Ebay Powerseller and member of this club.
    Every meeting I come away with a new way to do something, a way to market and network myself. This club has a diverse group of ebay sellers from people that sell one item a year to someone like myself that is a powerseller.I enjoy learning from my peers. Please come join us to learn new ways to increase your sales,and make some new friends too.
    Debra Shea

  2. The Ways Says:

    Hi – My husband and I are members of this eBay Sellers group and have been since it’s inception over two years ago. We were so “green” when we joined and asked so many basic questions. The group was so kind and helpful to us. If one member didn’t know an answer, another member did. We are all at different stages in our eBay selling and some sellers specialize in one category while others have a ‘garage sale’ type site. Even though we meet once a month, we are always in contact with each other through e-mail with questions, new updates or helpful advice. The dues are minimal and the first meeting is free. Come and join us and see how this friendly group can be helpful to you, whether you’re an experienced seller or ‘green’ like we were. We get together in the meeting room in the back of Panara Bread and many of us come early about 6:00 and eat supper together before the meeting starts at 7:00.
    The Ways

  3. Kelly R Says:


    I just happen to find your site and am looking forward to attending your next meeting. As the Ways stated, I am totally “green” at this and am excited to hear of helpful was to enhance my future endeavors on Ebay! Thanks. Kelly

  4. Ellen Bloomer Says:

    Hi and Welcome to our Club! At this time I am the President of the Club. I would like to invite you to come for a meeting to CHECK US OUT !! The club has gone beyond our dreams at its inception. My girlfriend and I started the club because everytime we talked about ebay with each other, one or both of us found out something new. This continues everyday with our club as I know all the members will attest too. Come and see for yourself how wonderful it is to have someone with ebay in common to talk too. Hope to see you at our next meeting…….Ellen spottedhorse3

    • Sue Hageman Says:

      Hi Ellen
      I saw a note in the Kendall County Record and decided to see what I could find on-line about the group. I would like to join the next meeting. I live in Yorkville and can’t wait to learn from others that are successful!

      • Sheri Kohout Says:

        Please contact me, Sue, and I can give you more information and send you a flyer in advance of our meeting which will be on Tuesday, April 13th. Reach me at 630-640-7382. You are in for a real treat. This club is dynamite! Sheri Kohout Membership chairperson

  5. Sheri Kohout Says:

    It will be redundant for me to say how much I enjoy the club and how very much support and information I have received from all of the the others: but it’s true! But we don’t just learn; we laugh and share stories, tease each other and have wonderful friendships. In addition to our monthly meetings we’ve shared summer picnics and holiday dinners. In 2008, 13 of us went to Chicago to eBay Live! and stayed for 4 days in a Michigan Ave. hotel while attending the semiars and programs of Live! . Just last week I had the honor of sharing a dinner with John Donohue, CEO of eBay, and Jim Giffith (Griff), Director of Seller Advocacy and Education (I think that is close to his title). Janice and Debra, also club members, and I were among 12 chosen from the Chicago area to attend this special dinner which was a reach out to small sellers. My head is still reeling from the excitment of this evening. We hope to attract new members (you?) because new blood brings new ideas and more expansive programs to learn from one another. Hope to meet you! Sher

  6. Ellen Bloomer Says:

    I just came back from the MID AM LANDSCAPE CONFERENCE. I attended classed on Marketing, business etc. I just want to tell you how advanced I felt in regards to marketing sites ie facebook, twitter, blogs etc & overall web knowledge as compared to others in my industry. This is THANKS TO OUR FOX VALLEY EBAY SELLERS CLUB!!!! As members we have gained a wealth of knowledge that spills over into all other businesses that we are in. I am glad I am a member…….come join us… will be too!!

  7. Debra Shea Says:

    Ebay changes are starting April 1 2010…Don’t get lost in the changes.Our group is very informed and each member brings a different view.Come join us for learning and friendship. Networking is key to Your success. We are here to help You succeed.We are always looking for experienced ebay sellers to join.

  8. Hal Bryan Says:

    I just saw an article in the Kendall County Record about your club and I would like more information on joining. Please feel free to email me at or call 630-554-8404.
    Thank You,

    • Debra Shea Says:

      Please join us at our next meeting February 9th
      at panera bread in yorkville.Illinois.We meet at 7pm,but some of us go early to enjoy a dinner and chitchat.
      Hope to see You there
      debra shea

  9. Debra Shea Says:

    Come join us at the next meeting.We will have information from the EBAY ON LOCATION IN CHICAGO..seminars…
    A wealth of information.
    Looking forward to seeing You there
    debra1711…Debra Shea

  10. Casey Platt Says:

    Like to find out more about selling on e-bay. Done it in a few instances. A TV, couple golf clubs but I’d like to explore possible doing it full time.


  11. Casey Platt Says:

    Sold a few items on e-bay but would like to learn more about your group and sell more.

    Please and Thank you

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