November 9th Meeting Minutes

The November 9th meeting was held at the Montgomery Village Hall 200 N. River St. Montgomery, IL. The meeting was opened by Deb our club facilitator, who also had a correction to the club minutes from the Oct.5th meeting, that read underwear given at our Christmas party will be donated to the Hesed House in Aurora. It should have read that all donations will be given to all homeless shelters in Aurora.

The treasure’s report was given by Jerry who reported that as of this meeting the club had a total of xxxx a motion was made by Shelly and 2nd. by Peggy to accept the correction to the minutes and the Treasure’s report. Motion carried.

The attendance for this meeting was 26 members and 1 guest.

Fox Valley eBay Sellers Club welcomes Cindy from Big Rock, IL.

A report was given be Sheri who was looking for volunteers to work on November 13 and December 11 at the Oswego Recycling Event to collect free packing material.  Janice volunteered to work on Nov. 13th. and Jerry will work on Dec. 11th. Starting at 7:45 AM.  to 11:00 AM.

A motion was made by Sheri to delete the underlined words in our Mission Statement because they are redundant. The Mission Statement will read;
The Fox Valley eBay Sellers Club exists to bring eBay sellers together to share their knowledge and experience. 2nd. by Maggie. Motion carried.

Membership fee’s for 2011 were discussed and voted on by the membership to increase to 12.00 for a single membership and 15.00 for a family, or you can bring a friend.
A person can attend two of our meetings free to decide if they want to join.

Nominations from the floor presented at the October meeting were;
Gayle, Facilitator
Jerry, Secretary & Treasure
Sheri, Publicity
Their where no additional nominations from the membership. A motion was made by Deb and 2nd. by Ellen. The membership voted unanimously for the nominated officers. The members also made and approved a motion that the club officers not pay any due’s for their membership.

Todays meeting was bits of information from club members that they have found helpful when selling on e-Bay.
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday December 7th.for our Christmas party at Fireside Grill 49 Sugar Lane, Suger Grove, IL. Don’t forgett to bring a wrapped gift of new underwear , any size, which we will exchange and give to the homeless shelters in Aurora.
The waitress will give separate checks.


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