October 5, 2010 Meeting Minutes

The Oct 5th meeting was held at the Montgomery Village Hall 200 N. River St. Montgomery, IL and opened by Deb our club facilitator.  An approval of the club minutes as posted on the website was approved by the members.
The treasure’s report was given by Jerry and he reported $30.00 in new membership fee’s were added to our club balance.
The attendance for this meeting was 30 members and 9 guests.
The Fox Valley eBay Sellers Club Welcomes:
Bonnie from Montgomery
Doug also from Montgomery
Sheri said we will have a recap of Oswego’s recycle event at the November meeting.
Our annual Christmas party will be at the Fireside Grill in Sugar Grove on Tuesday December 7, 2010 at 6:00 PM.
Please bring a wrapped gift of new underwear, any size, which we will exchange and then give to the Hesed House in Aurora.
Always a fun time!  Plan on coming.
Our special guest speaker tonight is Jim Griffith (Griff) and his colleague Amanda Thomas from eBay.
Griff’s topic was: Your In Business, Know Your Numbers. You cannot manage what you do not measure.
GMV  gross merchandise volume. Cost of operations and goods.
Net Profit  GMV minus all cost = profit.
Constant price watch the market place, research, and set the right price.
eBay metrics,  ASP = average selling price.
Conversion = Sell Through Rate (STR) sold goods / unsold goods. Goal, Low or zero rates of unsold goods inventory.
Fixed price with best offer is like a reverse auction, engages the buyer, can result in a fast sale.  Higher number of sold items.
If you ship in one day (handling time) and the delivery is within four business days you automatically get five stars feedback for shipping on that item.
There are policy changes for multiple listings.  You cannot have multiple listings for the same item.
You can schedule a pickup of your packages through the post office, as long as you have at least one piece of priority mail.
A UPS shipping option can also be selected to print your shipping label in Paypal
Griff answered many questions.   If you have a question or a suggestion you can e-mail him at  www.griff@ebay.com
All of us at The Fox Valley eBay Sellers club wish to thank Griff and his colleague Amanda for being here with us tonight.
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday November 9, 2010
See all of you then.

Griff teaching "Know Your Numbers"


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