Meeting minutes September 2010

The meeting was held at the Montgomery Village Hall 200 N. River St. Montgomery, IL and opened by Deb, our club facilitator.
Our attendance for this meeting was 21.
The Fox Valley eBay Sellers Club welcome’s our newest members:
Angela from Plano,IL.
Carole from Lockport, IL.
Elileen from Montgomery, IL.
Linda from Oswego, IL.
Mary from Montgomery, IL.
Michelle from Oswego, IL.
The secretary’s report was given by Jerry who asked for a motion to accept the club minutes as posted to the clubs web site without any corrections or additions. Motion made by Nancy and Seconded by Shelley.
The treasurer’s report was also given by Jerry and reported that since our last meeting there has been no change in the club treasury.
Deb asked if members would like to have our annual Christmas party dinner at the Fireside Grill again, along with our charity gift exchange instead of our usual meeting.  Jerry made a motion to accept and the motion was seconded by Jeanne.
Note that this will be on Tuesday December 7th. at 6:00 PM instead of our usual second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM.  Mark your calendars and plan to be there.  It’s always a fun time!
Gayle showed us a slide presentation of some photos taken at eBay on location and told us about the event.  Those who went commented on classes that were offered, seeing Griff in person, how valuable the networking was, using Facebook and Twitter to market your business and more.
Deb said she would not be continuing as our club facilitator when her term is up the end of this year and asked for nominations or volunteers to take over her position.  A suggestion was made by Deb that if no one volunteers, maybe one of us could facilitate one meeting a month and rotate 12 months between 12 of us or possibly merging with the eBay club in Elk Grove village.  Gayle stepped up and said that she would take over as facilitator as long as some of the members would take turns giving the programs.
We had a open discussion with insight from those who purchase wholesale items.
What do I sell ?
Were do I acquire merchandise ?
Financing wholesale purchases ?  Kabbage ?
You can find best tips and best wholesale at
The seller must research and educate themselves about the product they are selling.   Find out what young people are buying because they know what’s hot. Use (google keywords) or (Terapeak) for research.
We will be honored to have special guest speaker Jim Griffith (Griff) from eBay.   He is Senior Manager of Seller Advocacy for eBay seller experience and he will speak on “know your numbers”.
NOTE: DATE CHANGE, Tuesday October 5, 2010 and will be at the Montgomery Village Hall Montgomery, IL as usual.

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