The meeting was held at our new location at the Montgomery Village Hall 200 N. River St. Montgomery, IL. The meeting was opened by Deb the club facilitator.
Our attendance for today’s meeting was 33 plus 4 guests.
New Member
A big welcome to Shelly Lee from all of us.
Secretary’s Report
Was given by Jerry and asked for a motion to accept the club minutes as posted to the clubs web sight without any corrections. Roger made a motion to accept, and seconded by Maggie.
Treasures Report
Also given by Jerry who reported that since our last meeting we have 7 new paid  members. We also paid out 5.83 for new badges and another 50.00 as deposit for the Montgomery Village Hall.
The club balance as of today is ……….
Rummage Sale
Elizabeth informed all of us that Oswego High School was having a Honor Society Rummage Sale on May 22 and has flyers for anyone who is interested.
Activity Report
Sheri reported on all the recycled items collected on 4/17/2010 at the recycle center in Oswego.  A few of the items collected were, bubble wrap, boxes, plastic grocery bags, peanuts, foam, styrofoam, and much more.
Sign-Up For;
EBay on location in Chicago begins Thursday May 20, 2010, sign up here:
Meeting Schedule
A short discussion was had about whether or not to have our regular meetings in the summer.  Many members wanted a meeting every month so Gayle will be the club meeting facilitator in July & August.
Guest Speaker
Our guest speaker at todays meeting was Brian Murphy CPA from Murphy & Associates in Yorkville.
Brian covered many topics, and answered as many questions that time would permit.
A quick synopsis,
Federal ID numbers for business and tax payer number for business.
Separate accounting for personnel items and items sold on eBay.
Resale items purchase price, mileage to and from garage sales, flee markets etc.
Insurance for product liability.
Everyone’s selling may be different from each other, check with your own accountant for your tax information
Our next meeting will be on June 8, 2010 at the Montgomery Village Hall in Montgomery.

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