The meeting was held at Panera Bread in Yorkville. The meeting was opened by Deb the club facilitator. Our attendance at todays meeting was 37.

THE SECRETARY’S REPORT was given by Jerry who made the motion that the March minutes be accepted as posted to the club’s website without any corrections.  Roger made the motion to accept, seconded by Liz.

THE TREASURE’S REPORT also given by Jerry reported that as of April 13 meeting the club had $$.

Sheri reminded the volunteers about this Saturdays recycling event in Oswego and the times to be there.

Debra gave a presentation on two of eBay’s software that is available. Selling Manager that is free to use online, and Selling Manager Pro that cost 15.99 per. month  She showed the club its pro and cons and how to use both
of them using the overhead projector.

UNDER NEW BUSINESS  We had a member discussion about changing the wording of our mission statement to reflect eBay’s wording. By changing the term Power Seller in our mission statement to Top Rated Seller. Motion to accept made by Ellen 2nd. by Sheri.

The members had a discussion about club communication and not sending out bulk emails to everyone unless necessary.
Deb told everyone that if someone was interested in a mentor helping them sell on eBay, they should contact her.

Because of the increase in new members to our club and the room size at Panera Bread, a new meeting place was discussed.  Sheri told everyone that she found a place in Montgomery that would easily accommodate a large group of people.  There wood be a 50.00 security deposit needed. Gayle and Heather volunteered to check the location out.

Two websites were talked about that was similar to Craigslist but had no listing fee for 60 days. and is a small business loans for online sellers only (new computer buying and wholesale lots.)

All of us want to welcome our new members:

Peggy of Aurora

Marge of Oswego

Paul of Oswego

Shawn & Terri of Dekalb

Jim of Downers Grove

Janelle of Sandwich

Our next meeting will be on May 11, 2010 our guest speaker will be Brian Murphy CPA from Murphy and associates in Yorkville. He will talk about record keeping & tax accounting.

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