FVEBS Meeting FEB.09, 2010 Minutes

The meeting was held at Panera Bread in Yorkville on Feb 9th. The meeting was opened by Deb the club facilitator, with introductions of all members. A suggestion was made to raise dues for next year of one dollar per meeting per member.   A motion was made by Jerry to accept the minutes from the Jan. 12 meeting.  The minutes were approved as presented.  The treasures report was given by Jerry.  Jerry also made a motion that the payment of club dues be extended up to the March 09 meeting because of the bad weather. Motion carried. A big welcome for our two new members to the club, Fleda and Kathleen. A motion was made by Sheri to cover 50% of the cost for a replacement bulb for Gayle’s overhead projector when the time comes that she needs a new bulb since they are quite expensive and she uses the projector for our club meetings. Motion carried. Deb gave a power point presentation to provide tips and suggestions to help you sell on eBay. Topics included; Listing time 7 or 10 days, etc.


Select a category



No no’s

Take it seriously




Overkill (just the facts)

Notes, Returns, and Refunds.

Handouts were passed out after the meeting. We had a roundtable discussion about Ebay formats and new fees.
Our next meeting will be on March 09, 2010 at Panera Bread in Yorkville.

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