FVEBS Club Minutes October 13, 2009

Cory Porris-Warren from First Midwest Insurance Group was our guest speaker this evening.   She gave a very informative talk on insurance for small sellers.  Inventory for eBay selling is not covered unless you purchase a business or personal property endorsement and add to your homeowners insurance.  This endorsement should also cover your business equipment.

Thank you to all the members who helped with Griff’s visit in September.  A special thank you to Jerry for providing all the members with CD’s of pictures from the event!

Treasurer’s report was given and Janice gave a short review on dinner with Griff and eBay CEO John Donahue in Chicago.  Janice reported on freecycle.  Next drop off for recyclables is April 24th 2010.  So far 9 people have received packing items.

We had a round table discussion on shipping insurance as eBay no longer has the optional insurance choice for buyers.  Most said they self insure.  Using self insurance add additional cost to shipping to cover yourself.   Shipsurance was mentioned as an option.  Use shipgooder.com to compare shipping rates from different carriers.

Mosey.com was brought up to back up things on your computer.   Skip McGrath has a new book, eBay for Geezers.

We added three new members this evening.


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