FVEBS Club Minutes November 10, 2009

19 in attendance.  Ellen mentioned tha Shipsurance was on eBay radio today.  Introduction of 4 new people.   Office Depot can be used as a UPS drop off also.  There is one on the corner of Rt 34 and Rt 30.

We discussed ideas for our annual Christmas party.  We will do the same as last year.  Bring new underwear wrapped, we exchange and open for fun and then Deb H gives them to Hesed House.

We talked about what everyone wanted in the coming year for our meetings.  Nancy mentioned just getting together and talking eBay rather than a formal meeting.   Sheri mentioned having one head with 12 members one for each month to hold a meeting topic and Shelley said we should get back to simpler layout and mentoring each other.  Elections were discussed.  Deb H agreed to be our Facilitator as no one else wanted the position of President or Vice President.  Jerry B agreed to be our Secretary and Treasurer for the upcoming year.  Sheri K will remain our Membership and Publicity officer.  Thank you to these people for taking on the responsibilities of leading our club this next year.

Ellen talked about trends.  One thing she mentioned was “Womenomics”.  The next 100 years will focus on women.  Rent, bartering and trading.


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