Minutes from August 11, 2009 Meeting

27 in attendance with 7 guests and 20 members.  President Ellen Bloomer opened the meeting with welcome to guests.  Went around the room introducing ourselves and telling how long we have sold on eBay and what we sell.  We had 6 guests, 27 total in attendance and 4 joined after the meeting.  We welcome new members:  Brenda, Betty, Kelly and Mary.

Nancy read the minutes from our July meeting and Gayle read the treasurer’s report.

Ellen discussed Griff’s visit in September.  She has 36 registered so far for our Sept. 8 meeting with guest speaker Griff from eBay in San Jose.  Ellen asked for volunteers for this meeting.  Barb, Jerry, and Shelley volunteered for help with set up and Jan, Jeanne, Sheri, and Betty volunteered to bring food.  Ellen asked that we be able to submit receipts for purchasesfor this event.

Ellen discussed using money from the treasury to buy small gift for outgoing officers, previous speakers, and volunteers. Some discussion and was tabled for now.

Sheri had previously asked if anyone does Squidoo.  Jeanette, Debra, and Gayle have done some and Jeanette gave us an introduction to Squidoo and marketing your business with this technique.  People read articles that you write (lenses) for Squidoo and they are searchable and can help to bring more visitors to your ebay auctions.

Shelley presented our program on “Powerseller in less than a year”.    She talked about the advantages to selling on eBay:  You are your own boss, set your own hours, take vacation or day off when you want to.  She started out by going to garage sales, seeing items and then returning home to research completed auctions through the Advanced Search button on eBay to see if they were selling and the prices they were going for.  May 2008 she went full time with selling and by Christmas she was a silver powerseller.  She gave us handout called “12 Step Program for Becoming an Ebayaholic”!

Gayle read some of the highlights of the July 09 eBay announcements.

Sheri talked about us volunteering for the 2009 Oswego Reuse Recycle Extravaganza on September 26 from 8 – 2, as we are a part of the recycle efforts and need to help out for this event.  Here is a link to that information:  http://www.oswegoil.org/village-government/2009%20Oswego%20Reuse%20Recycle%20Extravaganza%20Accept%20List%20Flyer.pdf

Betty let us know that the Yorkville library is having a book sale.

Next meeting September 8, 2009 with guest speaker Griff (Dean of eBay Education and Sr. Manager, Seller Advocacy.  This meeting location will be at the Old Second Bank in Yorkville at 26 W Countryside Pkwy at 7 p.m.  If you need to reserve your free ticket yet, please email Ellen as soon as possible at spottedhorse3@att.net


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