Fox Valley eBay Sellers Club Meeting Minutes July 14 2009

19 in attendance.  9 members and 10 visitors.   President Ellen Bloomer opened the meeting.  Minutes from the June 9th meeting were read by Vice President Gayle Treend.  Minutes were accepted.  Treasurer’s report given by Gayle Treend.  Ellen welcomed all our visitors.  Went around the room with each person stating how and when they started on eBay and what they sell.  Gayle mentioned that anyone can add content to our blog/website at in the form of, comments, information, etc. and she will moderate.  Jerry reported on a location he found to hold our special meeting  September 8th when guest speaker Jim Griffith (Griff) from eBay Seller Development will be here.  That location is the Old Second Bank in Yorkville at 26 W Countryside Pkwy.  We have it reserved from 6 – 10 p.m and we are responsible for cleanup.  We discussed whether we should have any beverages available.  Will discuss more at next meeting.  Anyone can come to this meeting as long as Ellen receives an email at for a ticket by August 11th.  We have to do this in order to know exactly how many to plan for.  There is no charge for this meeting. We participated in a round table discussion about books and  Janice spoke on how works.  Janice let us know that we cannot ship magazines media mail!  Some of the books mentioned were manuals, Christian book series, landscape, Western Horsman, Crafting, Quilting, Auto and motorcycle, cookbooks, comic books, textbooks and more.  There was an open time for questions.  5 of our guests joined tonight.  We welcome them.  Next meeting Tuesday, August 11, 2009 7:00 pm at Panera Bread in Yorkville


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