Ebay Sellers Discuss Selling Books and Half dot com

The Fox Valley eBay Sellers will meet on Tuesday, July 14th, from 7:00 until 9 PM in the meeting room of Panera Bread in Yorkville at Rt. 34 and 47. Anyone who sells on eBay and is interested in expanding their selling skills is welcome to the meeting. Many members meet
shortly after 6 PM for a meal and conversation.  Everyone is welcome to come early.

 The topics of this meeting will be a round table discussion of selling books on eBay and sell­ing on Half.com, the other selling arm of eBay.  Members who sell on these venues will con­centrate on helping others to understand the nuances of optimizining listings for greatest hits and increased sales.

 The Fox Valley eBay Sellers club has met monthly since January, 2007. Their Mission State­ment declares: “ The eBay Sellers Club exists to bring eBay sellers together to share their knowledge and experience so they may expand their knowledge of eBay and the Internet; increase their sales; set goals and achieve them, and ultimately become Power Sellers.”

Contact Ellen Bloomer, president, 630-553-1996, for further information or just show up.


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