Fox Valley eBay Sellers Club Meeting Minutes May 12, 2009

16 people in attendance. Meeting was held at Panera Bread in Yorkville. Meeting was opened by President Ellen Bloomer. Ellen read the club’s Mission Statement.“The Fox Valley eBay Sellers Club exists to bring eBay sellers together to share their knowledge and experience so they may . . . Expand their knowledge of eBay & the Internet Increase their sales Set goals & achieve them Ultimately become Power Sellers” Sellers who recently achieved Power Seller status were acknowledged, and also those who are currently Power Sellers. Reminder to listen to eBay live radio – this week by listening Ellen gained valuable information and was able to secure Griff to speak at our September 12th meeting. Jim Griffith is eBay’s Senior Manager for Seller Advocacy. He is the foremost education specialist for eBay since 1996. Discussion followed on securing an alternate location for this meeting. Our current location at Panera Bread in Yorkville can only accommodate 40 people.

Promoting our club – There is a Chicagoland eBay Club that meets in a northern suburb. There is a club in Texas that is run by eBay seller galleriagifts. This is a site that advertises meetings by town. Cost is $12 per month for 6 months. Membership decided to wait to use this site until we have explored advertising sites that are free. Craigslist has a community section where you can advertise clubs and events. The community section and the event section allow posts for 45 days. Gayle Treend volunteered to set this up. Debra S. volunteered to advertise the club on this site eBay: Deb H. volunteered to do a search of eBay sellers within a 10 mile radius of Yorkville and bring findings to next meeting. Goal would be to contact them through eBay to promote the club. Web Page: Butch Babos volunteered to set up web page for the club Brian volunteered to advertise the club on this site Domain name: Sherri K. made a motion to purchase a domain name from $9.99 for one year. Discussion followed. It would be less expensive per year to purchase multiple years – the membership decided to wait and see what the first year results were then decide if we wanted to purchase more years. The domain name will be Motion was seconded; a vote was taken and approved by majority vote. Tri-fold flyer Sheri designed a tri-fold flyer that can be customized for each individual seller while still promoting the club. Sheri will send an e-mail and attach a link to the brochure so members can print them for themselves. Business cards for the club were designed by Debra S. She will order some from a free site. The membership adopted a “fox” logo for the club along with using the eBay colors. The fox design is a free Microsoft clip art and can be used freely.

New Business – Sheri asked the club to consider (at a future date) that we may want to adopt a policy that each member needs to do some sort of presentation for the club once every three years. Discussion followed. Liz passed out a flyer promoting the Oswego High School Rummage Sale which is Saturday, May 23. Drop offs are on Friday, May 22 from 3 – 7 pm at the field house. This is a great way to clear your old inventory. Receipts will be given for tax purposes. The sale supports the National Honor Society and “Rally for the Robinsons”.

Presentation –  Gayle Treend demonstrated how to set up a blog on There are also sites such as By utilizing blogs, the internet search engines have another way of picking up your store and/or items when people search the internet. Gayle will forward her printed notes to the club as a reference tool. By placing the notation ?refid=store after your store name in a non- eBay site directs the person to your eBay store, you get discounts on your final value fees from eBay if the person directed purchases somthing from your store inventory.

Closing –  President Ellen Bloomer wants the club to begin to think about our vision for the size of the club. The last 3 years the club has averaged 20 -25 members. Discussion followed. Jeanette M. plugged her bump site: Discussion followed.


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